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Going Forward


Democrats have the House.

The House will have to step up and do the warrior's work.

Let no bullshit pass.

Finish Investigating Trump (aka ConDon).

Show him for the conman and pathological liar that he is.

Protect the Caravan, and welcome them for the exhausted, despairing, but still somehow hopeful people that they are, and fucking HELP THEM.

Do NOT take this opportunity for granted.

Listen to the graduates of the many schools assaulted by gun violence, and enact bans on assault rifles. It is not a big sacrifice. People can still hunt for food without them. Plus, your meat will not be riddled with indigestible metal pellets. Though they may still be a few to look out for.

Remind people that fear IS the greatest enemy.

And that currently, President Trump has been doing more to fan that flame of fear than anyone else.

REPUBLICANS, find your guts, spinal column, reason for existing, and DO NOT COOPERATE with Donald Trump!

The first of many outbursts,
Yours in...desperation,

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